The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

Now, we’ve put together a wide-ranging list of the best movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now. What’s more, we’ll be updating the list regularly with additional picks, so you won’t run out of viewing material any time soon. The list spans genres, decades, and ratings, so there should be a little something for everyone

To Catch a Thief

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Writer: John Michael Hayes

Cast: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis, John Hughs, Charles Vanel

Alfred Hitchcock‘s lovely caper embodies Old Hollywood glamour. Set within the ritzy locations of Cannes, To Catch a Thief stars Cary Grant as John “The Cat” Robie, a retired jewel thief who gets stuck up in a brand new spherical of crimes while he is taking the warmth for a brand new string of robberies in the French Riviera. Looking to clean his call, he gets snarled in a romantic escapade with a lovely younger socialite (performed by using the great Grace Kelly) that sends him zipping through the lovely locale on the hunt for the real crook. Gorgeous, romantic, exciting, and fashionable to the bone, To Catch a Thief is one of the all-time high-quality capers; a fascinating mystery strengthened by of cinema’s most charming film stars. — Haleigh Foutch



Director: Ruben Fleischer

Writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Cast: Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, Bill Murray

One of the greatest enjoyments of horror cinema inside the last few many years has been looking filmmakers who grew up understanding the regulations of the genre discover new and exciting ways to subvert them. Shaun of the Dead is the gold star of self-referential cinematic love letters, but Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland is a rollicking comedy horror in its own proper.

Zombieland arrived in theaters in 2009, closer to the give up of a new zombie boom, and it’s a film made for audiences who already know the rules and need to have a few amusing playing the sport. The script comes from Deadpool screenwriters Reese and Wernick, and both houses share the duo’s knack for style deconstruction and razor-sharp, smart-mouthed humor. The ensemble comedic performers has a blast shelling out verbal beatdowns in between virtually beating down the undead. And let’s be honest — although Zombieland wasn’t an all-around a laugh and pleasing movement horror, it deserves a spot on the listing for giving Bill Murray the maximum Bill Murray cameo of all time. — Haleigh Foutch


Writer/Director: Ari Aster

Cast: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Millie Shapiro, Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne

Ari Aster makes a walloping directorial debut with Hereditary, an exquisitely crafted journey down a rabbit hole of terror and torment, wherein one own family on the point of self-destruction is torn apart by way of a supernatural risk. Following the demise of her mother, Annie Graham (Toni Collette) and her own family wander into an inescapable nightmare of grief and suffering, in which every desire and situation brings them closer to their inevitable doom. Shot with remarkable precision, as carefully constructed as certainly one of Annie’s miniatures, Hereditary drags you into the nightmare alongside the Grahams and capabilities some of the most beautiful technical filmmaking of the 12 months, bar none. That includes the most breath-taking overall performance of Collette’s profession (that is honestly saying something), not to mention a rating and sound layout that might give you nightmares even if you weren’t watching the screen. But Hereditary will maintain your eyes glued to the insanity, watching a family stroll into a lure they help build themselves. It’s an extreme, bodily experience that sticks with you ages after the credit roll. — Haleigh Foutch

A Quiet Place

Director: John Krasinski

Writers: Bryan Woods and Scott Beck

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe

John Krasinski has given us all a variety of laughs over the years, but along with his creature feature A Quiet Place, the actor-director brings the thrills. Set in a international overrun via alien creatures who hunt with the aid of sound, A Quiet Place follows a family trying to live to tell the tale within the silence…. Oh, and the mother’s pregnant. Silent start? That’s no longer a issue. Krasinski does a killer job building tension because the family catapults in the direction of the inevitable arrival of the infant and the creatures near in on their domestic. I’ve rarely visible audiences so respectfully silent in a theater, clinging to the movie’s quiet ecosystem, quietly munching on popcorn when the rating kicked in. Its a rattling wonderful directorial feat from Krasinski, who pretty a whole lot writes a love letter to Steven Spielberg together with his set-pieces and Amblin-esque large heart, and it’s one of the exceptional stories about the terrors of parenting in latest reminiscence. — Haleigh Foutch