Upcoming Film Festivals Across the Globe In 2019

Upcoming Film Festivals Across the Globe In 2019


Film Festivals are an extended-standing part of the existence cycle of a film, and a brilliant way to find them all. For film fans, the festival circuit offers a chance to provide love for travel and cinema, discovering new locations by day and artists voices in the night times. Below are the upcoming film festivals across the globe in 2019.


Venice International Film Festival

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This comes as no surprise that this begins with the famous Venice film festival held each year in the illustrious Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia in Venice Lido as part of the broader context of the Venice Biennale’s cultural art festival. This film festival was found in the year 1932 and found to be the world’s oldest festival and this year marks 76th edition. This kind of environment is characterized by the lagoon’s singular charm, glamour and gives a possibility to discover the Venice.


Taormina Film Fest- Sicily

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The Taormina Film festival began under the name of Rassegna Cinematography which takes place in this beautiful city of ancient Greek theater, located on the natural terrace over the Ionian Sea and known for its famous view of Mount Etna. The film selection for the 64th edition included 13 world premieres,6 international premieres and Italian premieres.


TIFF, Toronto- Canada

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Film festival was found in the year 1976 and this event is truly amazing as those of Venice, Cannes and Berlin which is held every year on the first Thursday of September. So, Toronto International Film Festival often serves as a springboard for the Oscar. Most important is that more than 300 films are screened during this festival which gets most of its inspiration from the Cultural diversity of Toronto.

MIFF, Melbourne- Australia

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The Melbourne International Film is one of the best Australia’s most important events, always features for selection of auteur films, short films and feature films and documentaries which can bring the international cinema to enlightment. So, the opening night usually takes place at Melbourne’s regent theater with the screening one of the festival’s featured films.  Even MIFF welcomes children and families, as the program always includes animated films at reduced price for the younger children.


Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the upcoming film festivals across the globe in 2019. Thanks for reading!