Upcoming Film Festivals in India in 2019

Upcoming Film Festivals in India in 2019

The Indian film industry has played a major role in the entertainment for the audiences and also just like every year this year also they have provided a good amount of quality content for the audiences. To praise the good quality content movies several organizations comes up with film festivals across the country.

In the film festivals, you will find all kinds of cinematic gems in one space, which often gets praised because of their subjects the filmmakers choose for making any movie. There something for everyone – from different formats and languages to films that address an array of subjects right from political satires and dark comedies, to touching short films and hard-hitting social documentaries, and more. In this article we have come up with a few recommendations of the upcoming film festival in India in 2019 which praises good movies:

  • KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival:

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From feature films, short films, documentaries or experimental films, the Kashish Film festival showcases a wide range of movies. It was founded in the year 2010, and a few years later this film festival is known as the biggest queer film festivals in South Asia. This film festival held in June every year.

  • Jio MAMI Film Festival:

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Organised by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Images this film festival is a gathering for all the independent film fraternity who has produced good quality movies either it is a short film, featured film or any kind of docuxamentaries as well. This film festival runs for a week during the month of October across the city and hosted by panels, workshops and masterclass by famous movie veterans like Anurag Kashyap, Raja Sen and many more.

  • The Open Frame Film Festival:

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Organised by a non-profit NGO that mentors and supports independent filmmakers across the country held every year in the country’s capital New Delhi. In the last 18 years, the open frame film festival has done an exemplary job of exploring a wide range of themes like human rights, feminism, development, gender, etc. that showcase the existing ground reality of the country. This film festival is hosted during the month of September every year.

The above-mentioned film festival was the best upcoming film festivals which praise all the independent movies and good quality movies. We hope you liked this article and wish to see you soon again.